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A labour of love and moral calling… (Glenn MacIntosh, Toronto, Canada) receives no financing beyond some generous friends and loyal supporters. Please be a part of this alarmed effort to communicate the hard truth about the EMERGENCY threats posed by the climate crisis and the extreme urgency with which we must all respond FAST.

Status and tax receipts

Environmental advocacy / activism is not recognized within Canadian charitable status guidelines. And the strict rules of operation would limit / mute climateye’s critical voice / independence / freedom of political expression and occasional, peaceful protest activity.

climateye is also NOT an NGO, non-profit organization, or business, it is simply individual advocacy by Founder Glenn MacIntosh, based in Toronto, Canada. Contributions are direct to Glenn and assist in the offset of his expenses (website, web host, research, time commitment, costs of living).

It is for these reasons that tax receipts cannot be issued.