After you’ve checked out climateye 101, the compilations below are intended to provide expanded detail on the most essential threats and concerns. What follows is an in ongoing, in progress, best sources, need-to-know, all-in-one per category, quick reference resource.  Check back for updates!


Updated: May 27, 2017


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  1. Compilation: CON JOB – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (especially Part 3)
  2. Compilation: COP19 Warsaw UN Climate Summit 2013: Betrayal of life
  3. Compilation: +4°C by 2060s or sooner catastrophic / incompatible with organized civilization
  4. Compilation: EMERGENCY human impact reports expose the greatest crime against humanity, most life and future life EVER
  5. Compilation: The sixth ‘great’ mass extinction, wildlife population decimation, biodiversity liquidation and the global climate EMERGENCY
  6. Compilation: Arctic meltdown / methane time bomb and the global climate EMERGENCY
  7. Compilation: Ocean acidification and the global climate emergency
  8. Compilation: The threat of sudden / abrupt system shifts / tips / flips and the global climate EMERGENCY
  9. Compilation: Sea level rise, commitment, acceleration and the global climate EMERGENCY
  10. Compilation: Food / agriculture & climate emergency
  11. Compilation: Geoengineering and the global climate EMERGENCY
  12. Compilation: Big banks, markets & business as usual, OR; The systemic inequity / corruption of our suicidal, growth-reliant, fossil fuel-addicted global economy
  13. Compilation: Obscene fossil fuel industry profits, perverse gov’t subsidies a betrayal of life
  14. Compilation: The war on science and the global climate EMERGENCY, or; The betrayal of life by fossil fuel industry-influenced and funded deception networks, puppets, ideologues to muzzle, discredit, intimidate experts, lie to the public and deny physics
  15. Compilation: Dr. James Hansen and the global climate EMERGENCY or: Recipe for disaster, NOT salvation
  16. Compilation: Plan B 4.0: “We only have months, not years, to save civilization from climate change, Lester Brown
  17. Compilation: Peak oil featuring Richard Heinberg: Life After Growth
  18. Compilation: Car ‘culture’ and the global climate EMERGENCY or: “From the beginning of your work day, to the end of the world, Chevy runs deep.”
  19. Compilation: Aviation and the global climate EMERGENCY or: The single largest personal climate impact we can avoid; FLIGHTS KILL – DO NOT FLY
  20. Compilation: Psychology of climate crisis denial, inaction, immobilization
  21. Compilation: The less and less-Great Lakes and the global climate EMERGENCY, or; The precious freshwater resources we travel like freeways and treat like toilets that are in a perilous annual down trend of evaporation RIGHT NOW
  22. Compilation: Tar sands kill – Facts & resources




+2°C (3.6°F) ‘Danger Threshold’ (CON JOB)

+4C by 2060s or Sooner

Abrupt Climate ‘Change’ (breakdown, disruption, destabilization)

Amazon Rainforest Dieback

Antarctica Ice Sheet Melt

Arctic Meltdown



Bee Die-off


Car ‘Culture’

Carbon Budget (CON JOB)







Extinctions, Wildlife Population Decline, Biodiversity Loss


Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing)


Great Lakes

Greenland Ice Sheet Melt



Human Impact


Idle No More (INM)

IPCC (UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)

James Hansen

Jet Stream Disruption

Methane Time Bomb

Nuclear Energy

Ocean Acidification

Ocean Circulation / Current Disruption

Occupy Movement

Peak Oil



Science Censorship

Sea Level Rise

Seismic Activity

Soil Degradation

  • Coming soon!


Tar Sands

Tipping Points


UN Climate Summits


Water Scarcity


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