We must fix our broken economics to save our future!

Edited guest post by ecoSanity.org Kindred Defender, Dr. Peter D. Carter, M.D.

We are a culture that is recording the certainty of our destruction of the biosphere in ever more detail while accelerating toward extinction along with most other life on Earth.

The only chance for our children to have a future is for all of us to RESCUE IT – FAST!

We have digressed from global warming to global climate change (caused by warming) into global climate destruction (caused by changing the climate). Next comes global devastation, which we may still be able to prevent.

Our denial is killing our future. Collectively, we seem to have little insight into our madness (a feature of insanity) and, at this rate, on our current path, our children will suffer a planet in steep decline that will only get worse.

So what are people of insight, caring and intelligence to do?

First, tell the truth to everyone! But the good news is, changing just one thing could go a long way toward fixing everything. And what is that thing?


Carbon tax at source and at end use. Government makes a windfall – to be spent toward rescuing the future.

Governments must embark on massive deficit-financed, public spending to build the clean, conserving, renewable energy infrastructure we must create in order to survive the 21st century.

Citizens can change light bulbs, but Governments have to change the fossil-fueled economy.

We must force them to act by making them accountable in public.

Let future generations pay for the chance to survive by borrowing heavily from the banks now. Print more money. Issue “Earth” bonds. We pay for some inflation, but long-term bank loans allow the future to pay for the most.

We do this to fight wars, we can do it to attempt to stave-off global climate destruction.

The general public is not in the main to blame. They are manipulated to pursue selfish consumption by powerful commercial and economic forces.

Governments support this way of life and certainly bare responsibility, but even they are manipulated by the money power. The real responsibility lies with those who pull the strings – THE FINANCIAL INDUSTRY.

The nation state has always been funded by bank loans and so the state protects their interests.

The banks take their percentage from every single monetary transaction. They and the investment industry make money managing people’s money and through people’s spending.

These institutions make more money than any corporation – who they finance with large loans – and they support an economics that makes people spend and work more to earn more.

Without an ethical, eco-sane reform of the economics and monetary system into an entity of sustainability, neither Governments nor people can transform to the extent that is now necessary if we are to save the future.

It is imperative that we campaign against the financial industry and the insane economics they profit by.

Dr. Peter D. Carter, M.D.


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