VIDEOS: Chris Martenson: The Crash Course

Above: 2014 updated, accelerated version. Below: 2008 original, in chapters.


“The next 20 years are going to be completely unlike the last 20 years.” — Chris Martenson

Chris Martenson left his career as the Vice President of a large, international Fortune 300 company to make profound changes in his, and his family’s, lifestyle because of disturbing developments he saw coming.  On his own dime, he spent the last 4 years conceiving and producing The Crash Course: a free, condensed online version of his “End of Money” seminar, to warn and educate people about the unprecedented confluence of economic, energy and environmental challenges before us.

This material is essential viewing with the potential to forever change your perception of the world and where things appear to be headed.  We strongly recommend that you watch all 20 chapters (3hrs, 23 mins).  If you must cut to the chase, the concluding chapters 17 (a,b,c), 18, 19, 20 (1hr, 22 mins) are essential.  The videos are available on YouTube (introduction posted above, 6 mins), but the simplest way to access them in order and high quality is:

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