Oilympics: Corporate climate crime


(Image source: www.GatewaySucks.org)

Do the winter games seem a little indulgent in light of the devastation, poverty and desperation in Haiti, for instance?

Does it strike you as a tad insane that, only a few hours before the opening ceremonies, an athlete DIED — Propelled from his sled at 144 km/h into a series of steel beams while training on the fastest luge track in the world?

The organizers had the nerve to suggest that the luger was to blame and the corporate machine rolled right on after the shortest safety ‘investigation’ in history made way for the races to proceed the very next day.

The Olympics are a pinnacle of rich-nation excess. But beyond the billions of expense; the mega-carbon corporate sponsors and greenwash; the nationalistic mindset they feed; and the local social inequity/environmental destruction they cause…

They are among the grandest manifestations of our collective denial despite the clear, present, accelerating global threat of the climate crisis.

Before the 2008 Beijing games, China engaged in cloud-seeding(!), among other things, to try to minimize their extreme, coal-induced smog.

After the warmest January in Vancouver on record, 2010 organizers have had to spread straw bales to build up the courses, truck and helicopter snow in from another mountain 257 km’s away, and refund tens of thousands of tickets because of bad weather, lack of snow and spectator safety concerns.

With billions of people in emergency need around the world, not only have the social/ environmental costs of gratuitous spectacles like the Olympics become far too high, but the moral negligence behind what they claim to represent has become far too deadly.