VIDEO: Great Flashmob – Teste sur des Humains – TVA

Must watch: Slow at first, but there’s a twist!


Voici le Flashmob organisé par l’équipe de Testé sur des Humains de TVA.  Vous verrez le “Making of” Lundi le 4 avril à Testé sur des humains sur les ondes des TVA à 21h.


Flashmob organized by the Testé sur des Humains (Tested on Humans) team at TVA.  You’ll be able to see the “making of”, Monday April 4th on “Testé sur des humains” on TVA at 9pm.

  • Each year, 671 million Kg of plastic are produced around the world.
  • Each year, 400 million refundable bottles and cans are not recycled in Quebec.
  • There are 18 000 pieces of plastic floating on every Km2 of ocean.
  • 91% of Quebecers care about the environment. Do you?

Soundtrack:, “With the shadows”, Robert Bennett.


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