Gore calls for urgent transition to 100% green energy in America within 10 years


On July 17th, 2008, at Constitution Hall in Washington D.C., former Vice President Al Gore said America’s “dangerous over-reliance on carbon-based fuel” is at the core of its economic, environmental and national security problems and called for a complete shift to Earth-friendly energy sources in the next decade.

Previous to this, it was thought that any politician would be laughed out of office and any environmental organization, drained of its lifeblood (donations) for even daring to believe, let alone stating, such ‘blasphemy’.

Daunting as it may seem by ‘business-as-usual’ standards, Gore’s challenge is an informed, science-based, achievable and necessary response to the rapidly increasing (and already devastating!) impacts of climate change.

It is also the new standard by which all who seek to advocate for real, solution-based action must now be judged.

For more, visit www.wecansolveit.org.


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