George Monbiot in Toronto: Canada’s obstruction, vid by ecoSanity


Nov. 28, 2009, University of Toronto, Canada — UK-based Author and Activist, George Monbiot, condemned Canada’s Conservative government, led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, as the greatest obstacle to international climate change negotiation progress — 2nd only to Saudi Arabia!



Blog – Requiem for a Crowded Planet
, George Monbiot, Dec. 21, 2009

Article – Copenhagen Negotiators Bicker/Filibuster While Biosphere Burns
The Guardian, George Monbiot, Dec. 18, 2009

Video – Canada’s Secret Plans to Gut its Already Limp Climate Policy Even Further
CBC News, The National, Dec. 14, 2009

Video – Incredible Plea by a Canadian Youth to Chief Canadian ‘Negotiator’ (Obstructor)
Canadian Youth Delegation to Copenhagen (CYDC), Taryn McKenzie-Mohr, Dec. 10, 2009

Video – Canadian Youth Tar Sands Protest at COP15 
CYDC, Dec. 3, 2009

Article – Canada’s image lies in tatters. It is now to climate what Japan is to whaling.
George Monbiot, The Guardian, Nov. 29, 2009

Article – Please, Canada, clean up your act
George Monbiot, Globe and Mail, Nov. 29, 2009

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Video by ecoSanity


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