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Note: does not necessarily endorse every idea, position, policy or perspective advocated for by any given figure listed.

  • Al Gore —,, Alliance for Climate Protection, An Inconvenient Truth
  • David Spratt — Carbon Equity, Climate Code Red (Australia)
  • Derrick Jensen — Soon!
  • Evo Morales — Soon!
  • George Monbiot —, Heat: How to Stop the Planet from Burning
  • Gwynne Dyer —, Climate Wars
  • James Hansen — Storms of My Grandchildren, NASA
  • Lester Brown — Plan B 4.0, State of the World, Earth Policy Institute, Worldwatch Institute
  • Maude Barlow — Soon!
  • Richard Heinberg — Richard, Post Carbon Institute, Energy Bulletin, numerous books
  • Thomas Friedman —, Hot, Flat & Crowded



Al Gore

Above – Al Gore's Challenge to Repower America With 100% Green Energy Within 10 Years (3:25) – Main Site – Main Solutions Page – Repower America Page (How to do it!)
Essential Video – Repower America Commercial (1:00)
Essential Video – Al Gore Calls For Civil Disobedience Against Coal Plants (1:24)
Essential Video – Al Gore Says 'Clean Coal' Like Healthy Cigarettes (5:11)