Compilation: Peaceful Ottawa sit-in to STOP deadly Tar Sands devastation, September 26, 2011

“Exploitation of tar sands would make it implausible to stabilize climate and avoid disastrous global climate impacts” … “Phase out of emissions from coal is itself an enormous challenge. However, if the tar sands are thrown into the mix, it is essentially game over.” ~ Dr. James Hansen (Big deal climate guy)

Peaceful Ottawa Rally and Sit-in to STOP Deadly Tar Sands Devastation/Pipelines/Crimelines, Monday, Sept. 26, 2011

1000+ protested. 212 risked arrest. 117 actual arrests. The largest climate-related civil disobedience action in Canadian history. Key links below, followed by some vids from the 2-week Washington D.C. action and more collected resources.

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