Compilation: Alberta to Texas Keystone XL Pipeline, climate & environmental CRIMELINE

“Exploitation of tar sands would make it implausible to stabilize climate and avoid disastrous global climate impacts” … “Phase out of emissions from coal is itself an enormous challenge. However, if the tar sands are thrown into the mix, it is essentially game over.”

~ Dr. James Hansen (Big deal climate guy)

Massive White House sit-in pressures President Obama on key environmental decision; Two week-long protest, Saturday, Aug. 20 – Saturday, Sept. 3

As early as September, U.S. President Barack Obama will decide whether to light a fuse to the largest carbon bomb in North America — a way to make it easier and faster to trigger the final, lethal overheating of our planet.

The bomb is the massive Athabasca oil/tar sands field in Alberta, Canada. The fuse is the 1,700-mile long Keystone XL Pipeline that would transport this dirtiest of petroleum fuels to Texas refineries.

Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein, Dr. James Hansen and over 2,000 people from all 50 states are expected to take part in a peaceful, two week sit-in at the White House from Aug. 20th to Sept. 3rd to pressure President Obama to deny the permit for the construction of this pipeline.

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Below is a collection of what happened at the sit-ins, followed by more videos and resources:

Week 2
Day 15, 09/03/2011: 243 arrests, 1252 total, 617,460 petition. Phase 2 next!
Day 14, 09/02/2011: 166 arrests, 1009 total, Indigenous leaders, Naomi Klein
Day 13, 09/01/2011: 137 arrests, (R)Nebraska Gov opposes, Gore endorses
Day 12, 08/31/2011: 111 arrests, 706 total, largest in a generation
Day 11, 08/30/2011: White House, Obama ignore protest, arrests
Day 10, 08/29/2011: 140+ arrests at White House pipeline protest

Week 1
Day 8, 08/27/2011: Hurricane Irene: Global warming’s heavy cost, Bill McKibben
Day 7, 08/26/2011: 54 more arrested, State Dept. report exoriated
Day 6, 08/25/2011: Ottawa Tar Sands Action announced
Day 5, 08/24/2011: Jailhouse Rock: Great post by Mike Tidwell, Climate Progress
Day 4, 08/23/2011: Actors Margot Kidder/Tantoo Cardinal among 60 arrested
Day 3, 08/22/2011: Another 52 arrested to ask Pres Obama to stand up to big oil
Day 2, 08/21/2011: 50 more arrests, protesters undeterred
Day 1, 08/20/2011: Statement on first day’s police 50+ arrests

U.S., Washington D.C., Aug. 20 – Sept. 3, 2011

Canada, Ottawa, Sept. 26, 2011


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Articles: Alberta to Texas Keystone XL pipeline, Climate & Environmental Crimeline


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