Compilation: Greenland ice sheet melt and the global climate EMERGENCY


Greenland ice sheet melt is “very likely” 6 times faster NOW than in the 1990s.

“The average rate of ice loss from the Greenland ice sheet has very likely substantially increased from 34 [–6 to 74] Gt yr–1 over the period 1992–2001 to 215 [157 to 274] Gt yr–1 over the period 2002–2011.” (IPCC AR5, WG1, SPM, page 7)

Thought to contain enough ice to increase sea levels by 23 feet (7+ metres) were it to all melt, in 2012, scientists were stunned to discover that, for the first time, thaw was detected over 97% of Greenland’s surface.

In 2014, an international team of scientists discovered that the last remaining stable portion of the Greenland ice sheet is now unstable.

Also in 2014, a study concluded that Greenland ice sheet loss more than doubled in the last 5 years.

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