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At present, the world’s atmosphere is on course to reach a state of UNSURVIVABLE EXTREMES within the lifetimes of today’s children.” — Founder’s Imperative

Over the last 35 years, species populations have declined an average of 27% (an extinction rate of 1% of all species per year – up to 10,000 x higher than the natural or ‘background’ rate!). With the rapidly accelerating impacts of global heating, there will be at least another 27% decline in far less time. And RIGHT NOW, the people of the most impoverished nations are suffering and dying from the devastating impacts of rich nation-induced climate change (increased poverty, spiking food prices, dwindling fresh water, starvation, disease, drought, desertification, ocean acidification, flooding, genocide, resource wars, etc.).

During the lead up to the most important federal election in Canadian history on October 14th, 2008, this blog will report our, and other organizations’, major efforts to expose Prime Minister, Stephen Harper‘s criminal lack of aggressive, science and solution-based action on climate change. Our goal: to deter public support for environmentally negligent Conservative candidates and dethrone their leader!

For easy to use info about HOW TO VOTE BASED ON THE POLLS AND CANDIDATE DYNAMICS SPECIFIC TO YOUR RIDING, visit this spectacular resource:

Below are the latest developments, videos and links related to our HARPER: RACE TO EXTINCTION campaign. Below that is an easily accessible list of links to our previously posted material and videos summarizing the top 5 (most epic) reasons why Stephen Harper must be stopped, as well as some essential background and a list of resources.


Oct. 12, 2008 travelled to Kingston to attend the Sunshine Walk midpoint rally at Confederation Park. 3 eco-heroes are making the sacrifice to walk – that’s right, walk! – from Toronto to Ottawa, collect petitions, letters and pictures that demand climate justice and deliver them to the new Prime Minister’s Office on Oct. 20th. Support these incredible eco-heroes as they pass through your community over the next few days!


sunshinewalk-221-large.jpg sunshinewalk-257-large.jpg sunshinewalk-224-large.jpg

Oct. 9, 2008

Council of Canadians’, Maude Barlowe, posted this essential video commentary on the disturbing secrecy and lack of accountability in the Harper‘s government.

Oct. 8, 2008

1) Two Greenpeace staff interrupted Prime Minister Stephen Harper during a speech in downtown Toronto with banners that read “Stop Global Warming: Support KYOTOplus” during Harper’s speech before being removed by police.

VIDEO – Canadian Press, Toronto Star
VIDEO – Details and video, Greenpeace Canada website

2) 120 top Scientists urge Canadians to vote strategically for the environment. Read about their urgent appeal here: Canadian Press article in Toronto Star attended The Sunshine Walk: Climate Justice Walk to Ottawa kick-off rally and departure. 3 core walkers – Dewan Afzan, Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu, Rita Bijons – are stopping in on cities from Toronto to Ottawa and will deliver collected letters demanding clean, green energy solutions and urgent action on climate change to the new government on Parliament Hill, Monday, Oct. 20th. Support these eco-heroes in your town! Click here for more details.

sunshinewalk-033-large.jpg sunshinewalk-008-large.jpg sunshinewalk-045-large.jpg

Oct. 3, 2008 travelled to Ottawa to protest Prime Minister Stephen Harper and shoot this video featuring Green Party of Canada Leader, Elizabeth May’s historic, first-time participation in the Canadian federal election leaders debates at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Oct. 2, 2008 (night 2, english debate only).

debate-006-large.jpg debate-005-large.jpg debate-022-large.jpg

Sept. 28, 2008 shot/edited the video below in support of a non-violent direct action by Greenpeace Canada outside an event for Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, during which a Greenpeace campaign coordinator was roughed up and detained as he tried to display a small banner that read, “Stop Global Warming: Support KYOTOplus“.


VIDEO – The Hour: Stephen Harper brings U.S. style media control to Canada
VIDEO – Canadian Minister of Environment, John Baird, exposed

VIDEO – Al Gore: “…it is time for civil disobedience…”

Sept. 26, 2008 shot/edited this video of Green Party of Canada Leader, Elizabeth May‘s Whistle Stop (Tour) at Union Station and the Hockey Hall of Fame, Sept. 24, 2008, Toronto.




1) World climate negotiation obstruction in Bali
2) Alberta Tar Sands
3) Security & Prosperity Partnership (SPP)
4) Policy of Militarization
5) Collective policy impacts – Mass extinctions



NASA’s James Hansen, the first leading scientist to warn of the dangers of global warming before a U.S. Congressional committee 20 years ago, recently returned to warn that the Earth’s climate is nearing dangerous tipping points, to call for a national carbon tax and to declare that the CEO’s of energy companies should be tried for crimes against humanity and nature.

“We have reached a point of planetary emergency…”, he said. “…climate is nearing dangerous tipping points. Elements of a perfect storm, a global cataclysm, are assembled…”. “…the oft- stated goal to keep global warming less than +2 C (+3.6 Fahrenheit) is a recipe for global disaster, not salvation.”


Al Gore’s concern that America’s “dangerous over-reliance on carbon-based fuel is at the core if its economic, environmental and national security problems recently compelled him to call for an urgent transition to 100% green energy in America within 10 years.


And in the new book, Climate Code Red: The Case For Emergency Action, Authors David Spratt and Philip Sutton argue that, in order to return to a ‘safe climate’, not only must we reduce carbon emissions 100% as quickly as possible by declaring an urgent global state of emergency in order to get beyond the suicidal denial of ‘business as usual’ (Read: The Perils Of Playing Nice), we must also figure out a way to remove excess carbon from the atmosphere.



Make a difference while you still can. Vote for the environment and a livable world for our children. DON’T VOTE CONSERVATIVE – DON’T VOTE FOR STEPHEN HARPER!


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