ecoSanity at Obama visit to Canada: Climate emergency!


Feb. 19, 2009 — On the occasion of U.S. President, Barack Obama’s first visit to Canada, traveled to Parliament Hill in Ottawa to expose the urgent global emergency and social injustices posed by the devastating impacts of climate change. calls on President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, to officially declare the climate crisis to be a planetary emergency based on what the most eminent experts now warn is the clear, present, unprecedented and accelerating threat of runaway global heating and risk of catastrophic global climate destabilization.  We are long past the point of dangerous interference with the climate system, and we — our species and most others — cannot survive the extremes that are predicted to ensue within the lifetimes of today’s children if we delay emergency action any longer.

“The crowds grew thicker as Obama’s motorcade approached Parliament, where a crowd of about 2,500 people included some demonstrators – not against Obama, but rather, in support of the progressive change on which he campaigned. One banner reading “Climate Emergency” said it all.” — Obama and Harper forge common front, Mitch Potter, Bruce Campion-Smith, Toronto Star

Our “Climate Emergency” banner was also mentioned by the Canadian Press in their Obama visit summary, Obama meets Harper in whirlwind visit, syndicated in local news outlets across Canada.



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