ecoSanity at Earth Hour Toronto 2008


On Saturday, March 29, 2008, joined a crowd of more than 10,000 at the Earth Hour concert featuring Nelly Furtado at Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, Canada. Other performers included The Philosopher Kings and Fefe Dobson.

Mega-sponsor Virgin Mobile‘s (Richard Branson‘s) representative, Nathan Rosenberg, began his speech with the unfortunate statement, “Branson has been so supportive of global warming“. He then went on to defend Virgin’s aviation and spaceflight obsessed empire by praising their recent, first-ever, biofueled flight (scroll down for some articles about why biofuel and aviation aren’t such good things).

Rosenberg concluded by praising Branson’s multi-million dollar prize offer to anyone who can solve the problem of how to sequester (remove) CO2 from the atmosphere, teasing that, if anyone has any ideas, they can become instant millionaires – as though wealth, not humanitarianism, would be a person’s prime motivation for such an effort.

On Sunday, the day after Earth Hour, Global News did not include mention of their senior weather person, Susan Hay, despite her having hosted the entire Toronto event. We wonder if it may have had something to do with her choice of apparel; what appeared to be a fur – or at least faux fur – coat, leather gloves and shoes. Not the best ensemble for a WWF (World Wildlife Fund) initiative.




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