Climate emergency: G20 June Toronto compilation




3 days.  20,000 delegates.  19,000 armed police.  5,000 media.  More than 1.3 BILLION (and counting) of OUR tax dollars to place a giant bullseye on Canada’s most populated city.  Millions of lives at potential risk.  And only head fakes toward any serious plans to address and confront the greatest menace to most life this century: the climate crisis.

At present, the world’s atmosphere is on an accelerating course to reach a state of potentially unsurvivable, runaway global heating and climate breakdown extremes during the lives of today’s children and only EMERGENCY international action at EMERGENCY (world-war time) speed *may be* proportional enough to confront the scale, scope and urgency of this unprecedented threat.

In the lead up to the G8 (June 25, Huntsville) and G20 (June 26-27, Toronto) Summits (See: 2010 People’s Summit, Toronto Community Mobilization Network), and in light of host country Prime Minister, Stephen Harper’s particular shameful environmental negligence and obstruction, those of us at work to message our plans and protests have a responsibility to do our best to communicate this danger to the public in NO VAGUE, WATERED DOWN OR UNCERTAIN TERMS.

ecoSanity Kicks-off Climate Emergency: G20 June Toronto!

Highlights include, Climate Emergency: Race 2 Survival — Only Emergency Action at Emergency Speed can Confront the Climate Crisis (Presentation, Participation, Discussion) at the 2010 People’s Summit, Saturday, June 19th.  We’ll also have a table in the PS Community Commons on the 19th and 20th.

On the designated Environmental and Climate Justice day of resistance, Wednesday, June 23rd, ecoSanity will lend video support to the Toxic Tour of Toronto.  That evening, we are a co-organizer of the People’s Assembly on Climate Justice: Moving Forward from Cochabamba, an evening to connect, discuss and plan action.

And throughout the People’s Summit (June 18-20), themed days of resistance (June 21-24) and days of action (June 25-27), we plan to shoot video and stills of essential speakers and a variety of peaceful public events and protests.

Meanwhile, we’ve been hard at work to promote and document what YOU need to know.  Check out the calendar of what we plan to attend in June and the videos we’ve already made below.

Join the Race!

The Canadian government will spend more than 1.3 BILLION of our dollars to stage the 3-day G8/G20 summits, where the world’s most powerful leaders will make decisions that will result in ever greater violence and exploitation of people, resources and the environment to perpetuate the rich-world’s unsustainable growth-based social, political and economic status quo.

In stark contrast to this excess, ecoSanity is bare bones.  We do a lot with very little, but June is one of those all-out months of activity in 2010 where a few extra pennies would be a great help.

If you appreciate the work we do to communicate the hard, undiluted truth about the climate crisis and the need for bold, effective, just and resilient EMERGENCY responses FAST…

Contact us to talk more.  Come out to volunteer.  And consider a secure one-time or monthly contribution toward / investment in our always peaceful activism today.   Thank you!
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Here’s What ecoSanity’s At (Click Here to See Full Month of June)


May 20, 2010, Toronto Community Mobilization Network: First G8/G20 Press Conference



June 17, 2010, Global Day of Action on the G8/G20 summits
Harper Dances Around the Issues

2010 People’s Summit: Building a Movement for a Just World (June 18-20)

June 18, 2010, People’s Summit Opening Night, Carlu Hotel Toronto
Stories & Solutions from North & South

June 19, 2010, People’s Summit, Ryerson U, Toronto
ecoSanity’s Climate Emergency: Race 2 Survival, Presentation, Participation & Discussion
(and check out our table in the commons!)

June 20, 2010, People’s Summit, Ryerson U, Toronto (see you at our table in the commons!)

Toronto Community Mobilization Network: Themed Days of Resistance (June 21-24)

June 23, 2010, Environmental & Climate Justice Day, Toronto
Toxic Tour of Toronto: March for Environmental & Climate Justice
People’s Assembly on Climate Justice: Moving Forward from Cochabamba


June 24, 2010, Indigenous Sovereignty Day, Queen’s Park, Toronto
Tell the World the Truth About Canada’s Record on Indigenous Rights, March

Days of Action (June 25-27)

June 25, 2010, G8/G20: Shout Out For Global Justice, Massey Hall, Toronto


June 26, 2010, G20: People’s First: We Deserve Better, March, Queen’s Park, Toronto




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