Canadian Federal Election 2008: Race to Survival

With one more day remaining in our HARPER: RACE TO EXTINCTION Campaign, we are thankful to our courageous volunteers who committed to lay it on the line in our thwarted attempt to protest Alberta Premier, Ed (Tar Sands Kill!) Stelmach during his appearance in Toronto last week; to our more successful friends at Greenpeace who brought the protest to Harper – twice; to public figures like Green Party of Canada Leader, Elizabeth May, for taking on the broadcast consortium, speaking hard truths from the heart and shaking up the entrenched status quo; to the 3 Sunshine Walk eco-heroes making the sacrifice to walk – that’s right, walk! – from Toronto to Ottawa, collect petitions, letters and pictures that demand climate justice and deliver them to the Prime Minister’s Office on Oct. 20th; and to all our supporters for everything you do to help us spread our difficult, urgent message.

Our political system is neither fair, proportionally representative, functional or effective and our consumption-based economics are rapacious, oppressive, destructive and suicidal. No Canadian political party’s platform proposes anywhere near what is required to attempt to preserve a livable future for our kids and efforts toward actual science and solution-based responses to climate change cannot succeed within our present political and economic framework. Nevertheless, some are light years closer to this realization than others and there is no doubt that the re-election of Stephen Harper’s Conservative government would guarantee further obstruction, inaction and eventual catastrophe.

If you value Canada’s once progressive reputation on the world stage; if you desire honesty, openness, cooperation and accountability; a fairer, more just and closer to democratic society; peace, freedom, greater emphasis on the arts; if you care about the environment, all the wondrous, diverse, interconnected species on our planet and the people of the most impoverished nations who are suffering and dying from the devastating impacts and social injustices posed by climate change RIGHT NOW; and if you worry about your own health, the well-being of your family and the livability of our world that, at present, is on course to reach a state of unsurvivable extremes within the lifetimes of today’s children

We must begin to begin again – NOW.

On Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2008, Join the Race to Survival…



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