VIDEO: ecoSanity releases ‘Race 2 Survival’ PSA!



Just in time for the Int’l Day of Climate Action (Climate Day: Fill the Hill and the Power Shift Canada Youth Climate Conference in Ottawa), has released its first PSARace 2 Survival — in HD!

We are grateful for the participation of some people close to us on what turned out to be the hottest day of the summer, and for the continued generosity of our major supporters who enable the creation of videos like this and all that we do.

Despite scientific warnings of a “highly plausible”, “catastrophic” average global temp increase of +4C by 2060″ (potential +15C increase in the arctic, +10C in Africa), and a new study that concludes industrial nations must cut emissions 100% by 2020 – 2030 to, in theory, avoid ‘catastrophic climate change’, the true scale and urgency with which our unsustainable global economic ‘business as usual’ must be transformed is rarely communicated to the general public.

With *only* +0.78C of global average temp increase to date, our fragile atmosphere is ALREADY in an advanced and deadly, ‘sixth ‘great’ mass extinction‘ stage of systemic breakdown. Allowing temps to rise anywhere near the biocidal +2C that international climate negotiations, most governments and even many civil society organizations(!) purport to target, *should* be considered criminal insanity.

So we call on the organizers and participants of all upcoming mobilizations to speak of the climate crisis as an immediate and dangerous global “emergency“. Based on the clear, present, accelerating threat posed by the epic, very-soon-to-be irreversible processes of climate destabilization, “emergency” action at war-time speed must be taken — RIGHT AWAY.

Watch our new Race 2 Survival PSAGet informedGet inspiredGet involved (Ways 2 Act Now) and help to motivate bold, new, transformative approaches and just, sustainable, EMERGENCY SOLUTIONS — FAST.

Join the emergency movement.  Join the Race — 2 Survival!



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