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All of this begs the questions: What is sanity? And what would be a reasonable response to this unprecedented challenge?

For those who CHOOSE to see it, science has revealed that it is very possible our children will die from some impact of climate change.  Given the rapidly advancing threat of a tipping point cascade, IMMEDIATE, AGGRESSIVE REFORMS ARE IMPERATIVE.  Nothing less than a RADICAL, RESPONSIBLE REVOLUTION in our socio-political economics can curtail catastrophic impacts.

As outlined in the essential book, Climate Code Red, this requires the worldwide rejection of 'business as usual' in favour of an urgent international declaration of a state of global emergency to allow for a greater than WWII-scale global mobilization to confront the climate crisis.

We must:

  1. Initiate a global shift from rampant fossil-fuel addiction to clean, renewable energy

  2. Work toward a 100% reduction in carbon emissions as soon as possible

  3. Maximize investment into research, development and implementation in order to figure out how to remove what is already dangerous, excess carbon from the atmosphere and attempt to return to safe, pre-industrial carbon concentrations – FAST!

Watch this 3 minute video summary of Al Gore's challenge to repower America from



We can no longer continue as we have, each in pursuit of our dreams, pleasures and indulgences at the expense of future generations and the planet.  The concept of economics, people and the environment in that order must be reversed to prioritize the environment first, then people, then economics.  Until this happens, until the planet and other living creatures have rights, there can be no effective or sustainable solution and polite efforts spent toward lesser goals would doom us to oblivion.

There's NO TIME for small thoughts; NO PLACE for war, suffering, greater inequality.  Both collectively and as individuals, how we CHOOSE to live and how we CHOOSE to behave toward others; what Gore refers to as our "moral imperative", IS EVERYTHING.

There *may* be a brief, RAPIDLY CLOSING window of opportunity to prevent the worst outcomes, but QUICK, BOLD ACTION is essential to attempt to buy time in order to maximize the potential possibilities of whatever hail Marys might be implemented to help slow or reverse the epic process that's been set in motion.

Our critical, moral imperative is to do all we can to inform the uninformed and jolt deniers out of their fear in order to affect a greater collective understanding of what's happening and minimize mass suffering.

And if we are to attempt to preserve the habitability of all life that remains on the planet, each of us must become inspired to grow into more impressive people with higher standards for ourselves and our behavior. Each of us must strive to discover a greater appreciation of our responsibility as stewards to all others and all other living things.

In short, each of us must EVOLVE – FAST!