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You know those big government reports by that group called the IPCC? That's short for Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and their summaries read like all the bad stuff out of the Old Testament, but without ANY of the drama!

2,000 scientists concluded there is (at the very most) a mere 8 years within which to SLOW, STOP AND REVERSE our ACCELERATING emissions in order to attempt to avoid that +2 C (BUT SHOULD BE 1.5 OR LESS!) tipping point we mentioned.

8 YEARS! (from 2007)

Sound bad? It gets a lot worse. The reports were released in 2007 — 3 years ago! And the reality is, they have numerous severe and misleading limitations, especially as reported in most mainstream media:


  • The reports are mandated and revised by government policymakers who toil to soften, re-state and omit content according to their individual agendas

  • Their conclusions are based ONLY on what was ABSOLUTELY PROVABLE science OVER A YEAR BEFORE the release of their first report – MORE THAN 2 YEARS AGO (December, 2005)

  • RECENT STUDIES that suggest things are actually 2, 3, 5, 10 x worse than the IPCC reports state, depending, are NOT INCLUDED

  • The language and graphs about potential consequences used in the reports are purposely unclear, needlessly confusing and difficult to interpret

  • The IPCC reports had to represent a 'consensus' (which was only agreed upon after numerous bouts of tense 'negotiation') and its agenda was only to advise of alternatives that would suit our present, deeply problematic global economic system

  • Statements made by the report Chairs are much more urgent and dire than those stated in the official report(s)

  • They do not incorporate the effects of carbon feedback loops – processes caused by global heating that lead to greater, increasingly accelerated and IRREVERSIBLE CONVECTION OF THE ATMOSPHERE BEYOND OUR ABILITY TO CONTROL!

  • Conclusions are not characterized in terms of risk aversion, only in terms of adaptation and mitigation


The IPCC reports are a dangerous and monumental underestimate of the state of world climate and the potential impacts of its rapid, human-induced decay.  So what does that leave us with?  A Terminally flawed document of  INCORRECT TARGETS on which the richest, most powerful, most morally culpable governments of the world are wrongly basing their negligent, uniformly inadequate responses.