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  • Lester Brown — Plan B 4.0, State of the World, Earth Policy Institute, Worldwatch Institute
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Lester Brown

Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization
is the latest warning and proposal for solutions from highly respected, emergency climate action advocate, Lester Brown, Founder of the Worldwatch Institute and President of the Earth Policy Institute in Washington D.C..

Among other things, Brown says the only way "to save civilization" is to act quickly with "a war-time mobilisation not unlike the US effort on the country's entry into the second world war, when it restructured its industrial economy not in a matter of decades or years, but in a matter of months."

We at climateye believe those of us who understand the reality and urgency of the climate crisis have a responsibility to characterize it in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS.

Clear.  Present.  Accelerating.  The threat posed by the epic, very-soon-to-be irreversible processes of climate destabilization requires nothing short of emergency worldwide action at war-time speed — RIGHT AWAY.


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