Corporate coup d’etat of politics / media threatens our survival





“None of the crises facing us all — from the global banking system to global warming — can be dealt with if a tiny number of super-rich corporations have a veto over every inch of progress.” ~ Johann Hari, Journalist/Writer

A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision has overturned decades of legal precedent and given corporations (like big oil and coal) the right to spend as much as they’d like to influence elections, which will allow them an even greater dominance of the American (and global) political process than they already have.

Between this development, the Democratic Party’s drop in the U.S. Senate from the decisive 60-seat super majority to 59, and much of the world’s reticence to take steps to confront the climate crisis without major American energy reform legislation in place (let alone the emergency legislation that would be necessary to *actually* address the threats), the ability of most life to survive beyond this century has become even more compromised.

At this crucial time in the race — and one-time chance — to avoid passing the remaining tipping points in our fragile global ecosystem that would result in irreversible runaway climate breakdown (catastrophe), the allocation to fossil fuel industries of unlimited power to lobby for their special, carbon-addicted, eco-negligent interests is insane and criminal.

To those of us who see the madness, inequity and impossibility of perpetual growth, EMERGENCY mass-‘system change‘ is the only potential response proportional to the scale and pace of the accelerating climate threats, extremes and impacts we must face.

The latest science tells us that, at best, only a few years from now will be too late and we’ll have no choice but to try the ‘crazy’ stuff. Meanwhile, a growing chorus has begun to argue that we may be at, or even beyond, that point already.



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