Compilation: Poznan Climate Conference 2008 – Final update

* Press the panic button, it’s much worse than we thought – J. Porritt, The Guardian *

With the inadequate, offensive and, above all, dangerous underachievement of the U.N. Climate Conference in Poznan, Poland, has called for all environmental and social justice organizations worldwide to:

Officially declare the climate crisis to be a planetary emergency based on what the most eminent experts now warn is the clear, present, unprecedented and accelerating threat of runaway global heating and risk of catastrophic global climate destabilization. We are long past the point of dangerous interference with the climate system, and we — our species and most others — cannot survive the extremes that are predicted to ensue within the lifetimes of today’s children if we delay emergency action any longer.

This initiative was addressed to all participants of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poznan, Poland. It included: U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Yvo de Boer, National Focal Points (government delegates) from most of the 186 participating countries, and more than 400 environmental, social justice and other organizations, research institutions, participating business and industry representatives.


Click Here to View the Document (PDF, 7pgs)

Please support, embrace, take on, and forward widely, this urgent call for the unified declaration of global climate emergency. Below, youth rise up in the name of survival!


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