ecoSanity volunteers bring urgency to Earth (climate emergency!) Hour Toronto 2009


Saturday, March 28, Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, Canada26 spectacular Climate Emergency Campaign volunteers brought truth, passion and urgency to Earth Hour. Placards, lanterns, an inflated Earth globe on a stretcher and Mercury, our imperiled penguin mascot were all incorporated into a spirited visual display to express the clear, present and unprecedented threat of the climate crisis. is supportive of the incredible phenomenon and opportunity Earth Hour presents to inform, inspire and warn the world about what we all have to do to confront global warming and climate change, but it must be emphasized that:

1) The climate crisis is an urgent, global emergency

At present, the world’s atmosphere is on course to reach a state of unsurvivable global warming and climate change extremes within the lifetimes of today’s children.  Millions of people in the most impoverished countries — those least responsible for the problem and least able to cope — are suffering and dying right now from the way we in rich nations have chosen to live and the rapidly accelerating devastation that decades of our collective neglect has caused.

2) Individual acts and influence are essential, but a massive and rapid global transformation must be initiated — FAST

Only emergency international action far beyond economics and politics as usual has any hope to concurrently halt man made greenhouse gas emissions, remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere AND actively cool the Earth to the extent, and within the rapidly closing window of opportunity, necessary to prevent imminent and irreversible global catastrophe.

In only 3 years, Earth Hour has grown to 1 billion participants in nearly 4,000 cities/towns and 88 countries worldwide.   Help us to translate the momentum of this remarkable event into a call for urgent global action all 8,760 hours a year from this moment forward, beginning with the declaration:


Find out more about how YOU can volunteer with at upcoming activities in Toronto.

Get informed. Get inspired. Get involved.

See you soon!



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