Canadian Federal Election 2008: Post mortem


With thanks and acknowledgement to those who have already posted this info elsewhere and who we know would appreciate us passing it along.

  • The Green Party had 940,000 voters and sent no one to Parliament (813,000 Conservative voters in Alberta alone were able to elect 27 MPs).
  • In the prairies, Conservatives received double the vote of the Liberals and NDP, but took 7x as many seats.
  • 250,000 Conservative voters in Toronto elected no one.
  • The NDP attracted 1.1 million more votes than the Bloc, but the Bloc attained 50 seats, the NDP only 37.

Here’s what the results would have been if we had a proportionally representational voting system:

  • Conservatives – 38% of the popular vote: 117 seats (not 143)
  • Liberals – 26% of the popular vote: 81 seats (not 76)
  • NDP – 18% of the popular vote: 57 seats (not 37)
  • Bloc – 10% of the popular vote: 28 seats (not 50)
  • Greens – 7% of the popular vote: 23 seats (not 0)

* * * * *

As we ( stated in our previous post, our political system is neither fair, democratic, proportionally representative, functional or effective and our consumption-based economics are rapacious, oppressive, destructive and suicidal. We repeat this because the imminent threat of climate change is an URGENT GLOBAL EMERGENCY that requires a world war two-like international mobilization to reverse our collective, unsustainable course on a massive scale – FAST. It also requires us to figure out a way to curtail the increasing releases of carbon and methane into the atmosphere, remove much of what has already been released and somehow replenish decades of extensive environmental damage.

The actual science and solution-based responses necessary to attempt to preserve a livable future for our kids cannot be implemented within the limitations of our present political and economic – let alone collective psychological – framework of unsustainable growth, destruction, consumption and war. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative party we just re-elected exhibits the least acceptance of this reality, the most resistant and entrenched approach to maintaining the ‘business as usual’ status quo and, along with the U.S., engages in the greatest obstruction to national and international action and progress.

Meanwhile, the Canadian Parliament has not been in session all Summer and is not expected to return to session until November, with yet another holiday right around the corner.


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