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"So they go on in strange paradox, decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity, all powerful to be impotent."
~ Winston Churchill



Join the Race!   2009: It's Happening NOW — We’ve Already Gone Way Too Far



The first comprehensive study focused on adverse effects of climate change on human society has revealed that:

  • Hundreds of millions around the globe are suffering the consequences of climate change impacts NOW – their lives lost or livelihoods undermined or destroyed — and 4 billion (60% of the world’s population!) are vulnerable
  • Developing countries bear more than 90% of the burden, but are least responsible for the causes
  • 99% of deaths linked to climate change occur in developing countries
  • Current adaptation efforts are woefully inadequate and NEED TO BE SCALED UP 100 TIMES
  • The findings are very conservative and the true human impact will be FAR MORE SEVERE






As a result of our collective indifference and inaction…

The accelerating, rich nation-induced impacts of climate breakdown are NOW the greatest threat to global human rights and livelihood in the history of humankind. (Click map above to read more)

Yet leading experts warn that current climate negotiations are on course to implement EVEN LESS than the minimum recommendations of the dangerously outdated, 2007 IPPC report and that EMERGENCY ACTION on a scale many times greater must be taken — FAST.

As outlined in the essential book, Climate Code Red, and informed by the work of the world's most eminent climate authority, NASA's Dr. James Hansen, authors, David Spratt and Philip Sutton warn that, if humanity is to survive, only EMERGENCY INTERNATIONAL ACTION far beyond economics and politics as usual has any chance to concurrently:

R2S1. HALT man made greenhouse gas emissions to as near to ZERO (virtual 100%, also stated in the 2007 IPCC report) as fast as possible through conservation and carbon rationing.

2. Initiate an immediate and rapid global shift from rampant fossil-fuel addiction to clean, renewable energy.

3. Maximize investment into research, development and implementation in order to figure out how to REMOVE the dangerous, excess CO2 and methane from the atmosphere that has already been released and attempt to actively COOL THE EARTH to the extent (a return to near pre-industrial carbon concentrations = 300ppm), and within the rapidly closing window of opportunity necessary, to prevent imminent and irreversible global catastrophe.

Here in Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative party exhibit the least acceptance of this reality, the most resistant and entrenched approach to maintaining the 'business as usual' status quo, and engage in some of the greatest obstruction to national and international action and progress with the second worst climate change plan in the world after Saudi Arabia.